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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Chances are you know someone with a tattoo, or maybe you have one yourself. Did you know even though needles and blood are all part of getting inked, there is no licensing required by state? But this may soon change.

A new bill is on its way to the Florida Senate that would regulate all tattoo shops in the state. A local shop at Jacksonville Beach, Inkstainz, said the law would give the shop more credibility and in the process bring in more customers.

Tattoo artist Nathan Yates said Inkstainz welcomes the state regulation. "It would mean all of our tattoo artists would get licensed and take classes on blood pathogens," Yates said.

Because there is currently no state regulation, many tattoo shops take on their own standards. Inkstainz said they make sure all materials, including ink, are up to date by using new needles.

Yates said he voluntarily took classes at the Health Department on blood-related disease. He said taking the proper steps will give shops credibility.

"There is a huge issue with underground and basement tattooing, kitchen jobs. Forty percent of walks-ins are fixing someone's goof up," Yates said.

But customers at Inkstainz said the regulation would not be a cure-all.

"To an extent it would make it safer, but you are always going to have those people who are going to get tattoo kits online, for cheap, and you don't need a license for it," said customer Justin Harrison.

According to current law, shops do need to be under the supervision of a doctor or dentist. A doctor supervises at Inkstainz occasionally, but Yates said he would welcome more guidance by a medical professional.

Under the new bill, no one under the age of 16 would be allowed to get a tattoo.

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